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Latest news and shopping events at Petworth Antiques Market, East St, Petworth.
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Augustus Brandt -part of Petworth Places

Antique and bespoke furniture, decorative pieces and soft furnishings.

Name: Augustus Brandt

Tel: 01798 344 722



Showroom Address: Newlands House, Pound Street, Petworth, GU28 0DX

Augustus Brandt Editions: Angel Street, Petworth,GU28 0BQ

Linda Cropper

Decorative and Collectors Items

Carvings, glassware, silverware, plates, boxes, writing slopes and mirrors.


Name: Linda Cropper

Tel: 01323 873 727


Graham Corke Antiques

Decorative Furniture

17th-20th Century English and Continental furniture and mirrors along with rugs, textiles , oil paintings and sculptures.

Name: Graham Corke

Mob: 07513 114 083


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