Petworth Antiques Market | Antique Centre
Petworth Antiques Market hosts 35 antique dealers under one roof, selling everything from fine silver and decorative furniture to vintage and retro goods.
Petworth Antiques Market, Antiques Market Petworth
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Over 35 Antiques Dealers Under One Roof

Petworth Antiques Market

Every day the dealers bring in new stock. They are sourcing such unique and useful objects within their own specialist field that are often magically beautiful.
The dealers travel far.
You only have to come to East Street

A trove of hidden treasures

  • Alan Chivers
    In Jewellery

    Alan Chivers

  • Angela Hopkins
    In Art/ Decorative/ Silverware

    Angela Hopkins

  • Antiquated
    In Decorative/ Furniture/ Mirrors/ Textiles


  • Antique Sundials
    In Garden/ Sculpture

    Antique Sundials

  • Art Coles
    In Decorative/ Silverware

    Art Coles

  • Augustus Brandt
    In Art/ Decorative/ Furniture/ Garden/ Sculpture/ Silverware/ Textiles

    Augustus Brandt

  • Brianne Holdsworth
    In Decorative/ Furniture/ Silverware

    Brianne Holdsworth

  • Carol Page Antiques
    In Art/ Decorative/ Furniture/ Mirrors/ Textiles

    Carol Page Antiques

  • Christopher Walker
    In Decorative/ Furniture/ Militaria/ Mirrors

    Christopher Walker

  • Claire Wilson Antiques
    In Decorative/ Furniture

    Claire Wilson Antiques

  • Cleall Antiques
    In Mirrors

    Cleall Antiques

  • Clockwise Antiques
    In Clocks and Barometers

    Clockwise Antiques

  • Cotton Productions
    In Ceramics/ Decorative/ Metalware/ Sculpture

    Cotton Productions

  • David Swanson
    In Decorative/ Furniture

    David Swanson

  • Dittons Antiques
    In Furniture/ Garden

    Dittons Antiques

  • Dorothy Marriner
    In Ceramics/ Decorative/ Jewellery

    Dorothy Marriner

  • Eclectic Dreams
    In Ceramics/ Decorative

    Eclectic Dreams

  • Geoffrey Bowskill
    In Ceramics/ Furniture/ Silverware

    Geoffrey Bowskill

  • Graham Corke Antiques
    In Art/ Furniture/ Mirrors/ Rugs/ Sculpture

    Graham Corke Antiques

  • Hourglass
    In Music


  • Jan Corbett
    In Ceramics/ Decorative/ Furniture/ Garden

    Jan Corbett

  • John Bird Antiques
    In Decorative/ Furniture

    John Bird Antiques

  • Joyce Nowell
    In Decorative/ Jewellery/ Silverware

    Joyce Nowell

  • Judith Wood
    In Silverware

    Judith Wood

  • Kew Homes & Gardens
    In Decorative/ Furniture/ Garden

    Kew Homes & Gardens

  • Lin Lundie & Henry Burrell
    In Decorative/ Textiles

    Lin Lundie & Henry Burrell

  • Linda Cropper
    In Ceramics/ Decorative/ Mirrors/ Sculpture/ Silverware

    Linda Cropper

  • Nest Egg Antiques
    In Ceramics/ Decorative/ Jewellery/ Silverware

    Nest Egg Antiques

  • Patricia Brassington
    In Decorative/ Furniture

    Patricia Brassington

  • Paul Drewett Decorative Antiques
    In Decorative

    Paul Drewett Decorative Antiques

  • Paul Martin
    In Decorative/ Furniture

    Paul Martin

  • Philippa Peters
    In Decorative/ Furniture

    Philippa Peters

  • Rugs of Petworth
    In Rugs

    Rugs of Petworth

  • Simon Scantlebury
    In Decorative

    Simon Scantlebury

  • Stuart Thompson
    In Canes and Walking Sticks

    Stuart Thompson

  • Tapsell Antiques
    In Art/ Decorative/ Furniture/ Sculpture

    Tapsell Antiques

  • The Linen Room
    In Jewellery/ Linen & Lace/ Textiles

    The Linen Room

  • Tulip Vintage
    In Ceramics/ Decorative/ Jewellery/ Silverware

    Tulip Vintage

  • Valerie Bentall
    In Ceramics/ Decorative/ Jewellery/ Silverware

    Valerie Bentall

  • Will’s Lot
    In Decorative/ Furniture

    Will’s Lot