Petworth Antiques Market | Antique Centre
Petworth Antiques Market hosts 40 antique dealers under one roof, selling everything from fine silver and decorative furniture to vintage and retro goods.
Petworth Antiques Market, Antiques Market Petworth
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Happy Easter to all our customers. We are open the entire weekend!
Good Friday 14th April 11am-4pm Saturday 15th April 10am–5pm
Easter Sunday 11am–4pm & Monday 17th April 11am–4pm

We buy & sell.  Militaria, Tapestries, Furniture, China, Glass, Mirrors, Jewellery, Theatrical objects, Lighting, Silver, Paintings, Vintage, Horticultural finds, Industrial, Toys, Chinoiserie, 20th Century Italian & French, Modern Design.  Over 40 Antiques Dealers Under One Roof

Petworth Antiques Market

 Dealers bring in new stock every day. They are sourcing unique and useful objects within their own specialist field that are often magically beautiful or fascinatingly grotesque!
The dealers travel far.
You only have to come to East Street

Hidden Treasures…

  • Andrew Blackall -Antique Secrets
    In Art/ C20th/ Ceramics/ Decorative/ Furniture/ Mantiques/ Mirrors/ Sculpture/ Textiles/ Wall Art

    Andrew Blackall -Antique Secrets

  • Angela George- The Silken Tent
    In Ceramics/ Decorative/ Furniture/ Tableware/ Textiles/ Wall Art

    Angela George- The Silken Tent

  • Angela Hopkins
    In Art/ Decorative/ Silverware

    Angela Hopkins

  • Art Coles – Time Pieces
    In Decorative/ Mantiques/ Silverware

    Art Coles – Time Pieces

  • Augustus Brandt
    In Art/ Decorative/ Furniture/ Garden/ Sculpture/ Silverware/ Textiles

    Augustus Brandt

  • Bill Barr Fine Art
    In C18th/ C19th/ C20th/ Decorative/ English/ European/ Jewellery/ Mantiques/ Metalware/ Scottish/ Tableware

    Bill Barr Fine Art

  • Brianne Holdsworth – Silver
    In Decorative/ Furniture/ Silverware

    Brianne Holdsworth – Silver

  • Carol Page Antiques
    In Art/ Decorative/ Furniture/ Mirrors/ Tapestries/ Textiles

    Carol Page Antiques

  • Chris Tapsell – Tapsell Antiques
    In Art/ Decorative/ English/ Furniture/ Oriental/ Sculpture

    Chris Tapsell – Tapsell Antiques

  • Christopher Walker
    In Decorative/ Furniture/ Militaria/ Mirrors

    Christopher Walker

  • Claire Wilson Antiques
    In Copper/ Decorative/ Furniture/ Ironmongery/ Oak

    Claire Wilson Antiques

  • Cranborne Antiques Ltd – Deborah Cutler
    In Decorative/ Garden/ Metalware/ Wall Art

    Cranborne Antiques Ltd – Deborah Cutler

  • Damian Cleall – Cleall Antiques
    In Mirrors

    Damian Cleall – Cleall Antiques

  • Debbie Serpell – Nest Egg Antiques
    In Ceramics/ Decorative/ Jewellery/ Silverware

    Debbie Serpell – Nest Egg Antiques

  • Dorothy Marriner
    In Ceramics/ Decorative/ Jewellery

    Dorothy Marriner

  • Fine Horology – Andrew Hooper, Wim van Klaveren & Malcolm Archer
    In Clocks and Barometers/ Decorative

    Fine Horology – Andrew Hooper, Wim van Klaveren & Malcolm Archer

  • Geoffrey Bowskill
    In Ceramics/ Furniture/ Silverware

    Geoffrey Bowskill

  • Graham Corke Antiques
    In Art/ Furniture/ Mirrors/ Rugs/ Sculpture

    Graham Corke Antiques

  • Jan Corbett
    In Ceramics/ Decorative/ Furniture/ Garden

    Jan Corbett

  • Janice Enticknap -The Linen Room
    In Jewellery/ Linen & Lace/ Textiles

    Janice Enticknap -The Linen Room

  • John Bird Antiques
    In Decorative/ Furniture

    John Bird Antiques

  • Kiki Design Ltd -Sarah Roelich & Jonathan Fairweather
    In C20th/ Furniture/ Lighting/ Mirrors

    Kiki Design Ltd -Sarah Roelich & Jonathan Fairweather

  • Lin Roberts -Tulip Vintage
    In Ceramics/ Decorative/ Jewellery/ Silverware

    Lin Roberts -Tulip Vintage

  • Linda Cropper
    In Ceramics/ Decorative/ Mirrors/ Sculpture/ Silverware/ Tableware

    Linda Cropper

  • Lynda Perkin
    In Collectables/ Linen & Lace/ Textiles

    Lynda Perkin

  • Mark Somers- Baines – Hourglass
    In Music

    Mark Somers- Baines – Hourglass

  • Michael Trevillion
    In Art Deco/ Art Nouveau/ C20th/ Canes and Walking Sticks/ Copper/ Decorative/ English/ European/ French/ Lighting/ Mantiques/ Metalware/ Mirrors/ Outdoor pursuits

    Michael Trevillion

  • Nigel Williams – Silver
    In Silverware

    Nigel Williams – Silver

  • Paul Drewett Decorative Antiques
    In Decorative

    Paul Drewett Decorative Antiques

  • Paul Martin
    In Decorative/ Furniture/ Mirrors/ Rugs/ Textiles/ Wall Art

    Paul Martin

  • Peter Williams – Dittons Antiques
    In Furniture/ Garden

    Peter Williams – Dittons Antiques

  • Philippa Peters
    In Decorative/ Furniture

    Philippa Peters

  • Robin & Paula Ruddy
    In C18th/ C19th/ C20th/ Ceramics/ Decorative/ French/ Furniture/ Garden/ Ironmongery/ Lighting/ Mantiques/ Metalware/ Mirrors/ Oak/ Sculpture/ Silverware/ Tableware

    Robin & Paula Ruddy

  • Rowland Leach – French Loft
    In C18th/ C19th/ C20th/ Ceramics/ Decorative/ European/ French/ Furniture/ Garden/ Mantiques/ Metalware/ Mirrors/ Oak/ Tableware

    Rowland Leach – French Loft

  • Simon Scantlebury Antiques
    In Decorative

    Simon Scantlebury Antiques

  • Stephanie Powell – Cotton Productions
    In Ceramics/ Decorative/ Furniture/ Metalware/ Mirrors/ Sculpture

    Stephanie Powell – Cotton Productions

  • Stuart Thompson – The Walking Stick Shop
    In Canes and Walking Sticks

    Stuart Thompson – The Walking Stick Shop

  • Tony Giorgi – Jewellery
    In Amber/ Jewellery/ Silverware/ Whitby Jet

    Tony Giorgi – Jewellery

  • Val Jenkins – Kew Homes & Gardens
    In Decorative/ Furniture/ Garden

    Val Jenkins – Kew Homes & Gardens

  • Valerie Bentall
    In Ceramics/ Decorative/ Jewellery/ Silverware

    Valerie Bentall

  • Vicki Emery – Antiquated
    In Decorative/ Furniture/ Mirrors/ Textiles

    Vicki Emery – Antiquated